Rising Heating Costs?
Efficiency = Savings

Fossil fuel costs have fluctuated drastically the past few years, and they don't show any signs of slowing down. Switching to a renewable, energy efficient heating source can help alleviate those high winter heating bills. Propane users have had it rough in the past, but there is finally an affordable alternative!

rising fossil fuel propane cost

geothermal savings ROI payoff

Save Money.

The ground under your home is a great place to store the summer heat, and your wallet is a great place to store the extra cash you'll save by switching to a ground-source heat pump (GSHP). A GSHP can save you up to $2500 per year over a propane system and even $1000 per year over a natural gas system.

Self-Driving Loops
Pushing the Limits

NexGen Energy has developed a self-driving loop installation process that allows geothermal ground loops to be installed from inside your basement. This means no trenching, digging, or drilling in your yard. These loops can be installed in places that have been traditionally off-limits to geothermal. Check out our blog post for more details!

loop installation basement floor

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